Year Seven

For the first time every year seven across the state will be studying at a high school.

Pauline White is principal of Wanneroo Secondary College. She says year sevens will now benefit from specialty high school teachers.

The change brings W.A into line with schools across Australia. And while some argue age 11 and 12 is too young to be at high school with kids as old as 18. Parents we spoke to this morning were behind the move.

Saint Stephen's school in Duncraig has had year sevens since 2009. Principal Tony George says after seeing it work for 6 years he's convinced it's the right move for state schools too. "I think there's great advantages for our kids and so to parents don't feel anxious, don't feel concerned, be there engaging with your school for the sake of your child to really get connected in the life of their school."

Dawn Darlaston-Jones is a behavioural expert from Notre Dame University. She says it's natural for some parents and students to have concerns. "Encourage the child to talk about their day using open questions not closed questions, you know how was your day good Instead say what did you do today? Or how was the new class, what are some of your teachers like, how did you find the work, what did you study." The best advice. If you have concerns, speak to the school.