Xtend Barre

Reporter: Cassie Silver

Ever wondered what Victoria's Secret is? For toned tummies and ripped rigs these ladies head to the barre, the ballet Barre that is.

"A 55 minute fusion of dance Pilates and cardio" Jasmina and Catriona run Xtend Barre Joondalup, the latest worldwide fitness phenomenon. "So, Xtend Barre has the principles and safety of Pilates, but it has the added element of dance and cardio. So it's a really fun, dynamic, innovative workout."

Created by American choreographer Andrea Rogers, she's travelled the world dancing alongside Enrique Iglesias and Aaron Carter. Now she's giving people definition through dance. "So, it's a fully body workout - working the upper body, working the thighs, sculpting the thighs, working the glutes, working the abdominals."

Targeting major muscle groups, the ballet inspired workout leaves you with a long and lean dancer's body. And with the tagline "no tu-tu's required" just turn up and start toning. "So, we have from Mums, to people with no dance experience, professional dancers."

With 70 locations around the globe, 9 studios across Australia, and just two in Perth this workout is raising the bar in the fitness world.

The full body bashing burns up to 500 calories in the 55 minute class, equal to a one hour swim or cycle.

The class serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out.

So if sculptured thighs and a lifted rear is on your radar it's time to Xtend.

Catriona says "I think that's why we started teaching, you know, we just absolutely loved it and wanted to share that with people."

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