X Factor Audience

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Right now it's the hottest show on Australian TV - and the production itself is as big as the X-Factor phenomenon - as many as two hundred staff help bring the show to air each week.

This is fox studios in Sydney where the X-Factor is performed live and we're here with some Perth fans that have travelled a very long way to see their favourite contestants.

The tour Leader is Nathan Morris from Nova - and there's no hiding who is the crowd favourite. "We're all part of what? Dami army - Dami army we love her.

Dami only won her place on the show as a result of W.A's Matt Gresham pulling out - :it's unfortunate that we lost our Perth boy but definitely glad that Dami got in she's amazing to watch great talent." but this is still no one horse race and there's plenty of support from W.A for other favourites.

It's an hour before show time and the audience moves into the X-Factor studio - backstage the contestants and judges and getting ready for showtime - they know there's a big Perth contingent in the audience tonight.

Backstage its' a mix of nervous energy and some serious last minute preparation - the contestants are all doing group vocal warm-ups.

The contestants take a moment to reflect on their incredible success so far - its' the calm before the storm.

Then like an unstoppable train - the live show begins.

The contestants have rehearsed and rehearsed - but it still comes down to this pressure cooker show... and all of them manage the nerves in different ways.

In the green room the contestants watch the performances as one by one they're called to the stage, if they're not in the green room the contestants are finding time alone.

Getting it over the line takes a full week of preparation - and for the shows youngest contestant that means added work too. "Being 14 do you still have to do school work - yeah i do i still do school work i do one day of tutoring five hours of tutoring wow so you're balancing school work rehearsals and all the pressure that goes with this"

After two hours of live TV and ten shows stopping performances - the show's over, time to let off steam. For the contestants there's one last job and that's to say thanks to the fans that have come so far to see them - for the fans this is a photo op they're not going to forget in a hurry.

And if you plan to visit Sydney, and would like to be part of the X-Factor audience visit: https://fmashows.com/the-x-factor/2013/audience