Wrinkle Rid

Trying to look younger doesn't come cheap there are countless lotions, creams and of course the new age treatment Botox.

So what does a man like Stephen Tiong know about all this? We've met Stephen before his radical bamboo stick healing has fixed all kinds of muscle and tissue injuries. It's an ancient Chinese martial arts ritual. Now here's another that the martial arts master has developed to cure his vertigo, migraines and sinuses-a natural facelift.

Stephen is 57 and he reckons all he's had to do to look ten years younger is literally wipe it away. "I have developed new system where by all you need to do is massage your face. You detox your muscle and same time detox your skin."

Eva is Stephen's wife and she's been doing the natural facelift technique for the past three years. "It is very simple, becomes a habit like brush teeth in the morning. Just do facial detox, you feel vibrant alive instantly."

Leann Boulger has been doing it for the past six months and noticed results within a few weeks. "I was sceptical, always told not to touch face or rub face hard. I was afraid rubbing would make it sag but I haven't found that at all."

There are 12 target areas on the face which Stephen says are like acupuncture points and the ones prone to wrinkles. It should only take as long as brushing your teeth.

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