World Run

140,000 runners across 40 countries, 1 start time, no finish line.

This is a race like no other, next month the world will run as one.

Perth Dad David Kennedy is just one of many runners joining The Wings for Life World Run.

So how does it work?

Participating cities will set off simultaneously for Cape Town in South Africa it will be mid-day, as for Barcelona well it's midnight.

For WA runners the starting gun will sound in Busselton at sunset.

To stay in the game - you've got to stay ahead of a car that will knock out competitors one by one.

David says "we have a catcher car that will be starting 30 minutes after the runners and that will progressively get quicker" if the car catches you - you're out - sort of like a world game of chasey.

The charity run raises money for those who can't, all proceeds going to spinal cord injury research around the world. Specialist Dr Adrian Cohen estimates more than one spinal injury occurs every day in Australia and a quarter of a million every year worldwide.

According to Dr Cohen, the race is a way of making every one appreciate the gift of movement, "the key to that is research and the key to research is awareness and the key to awareness is wonderful events."

Lifeguard and Bondi Boy Ryan Clark will be heading West to join the joggers, as an Wings for Life ambassador, Ryan's just hoping to raise awareness and his heart rate.

Bringing his love for the sand and surf to WA's south, Ryan says the longer he's running the better.

As for David he's no stranger to a lengthy run, he made the 24 hour all Australian team, running 237 kms. But up against the whole world he's got some tough competition.

With the aim to run 60 km's or at least for 4 hours David says he hopes he'll give other countries a good run for their money.

Registrations are still open for the World Run, for details on how to sign up or be involved visit