Wheelchairs for kids

Reporter: Cassie Silver

They're Perth pensioners giving children around the world the greatest gift of all. It's called Wheelchairs for Kids, a charity making chairs and changing lives.

"It's very rewarding to know there's a little child in the world that's got a much better life now" 72 year old workshop manager, Olly Picket has been involved every day since it started 15 years ago. "The rest is history and we've made over 25,000 wheelchairs now"

Over 150 volunteers all working towards the same goal, Olly says "Everyone gets on here so well and they're all from all walks of life and we are all doing something that's helping children around the world"

From cerebral palsy to causalities of war, Gerry says "a wheelchair for a child means wellbeing, means improved health, means also relief for the family" Foundation Manager Gerry Georgatis says there are millions of children confined to the loneliness of one room.

"It's not just that they can't do with anything with their life they can't move from where they are, thy drag themselves on the floor or on pavements and it's an impossible thing to consider from our end of the world"

The chairs are carefully crafted from scratch and they are fitted to the child's needs and disability. "The aluminium is bought, materials are bought. these materials are shaped by the volunteers workers according to those guidelines the world health guidelines to make rough terrain hardened up wheelchairs that won't break down" Solely relying on donations and the kindness of others to get children off the ground in over 66 countries worldwide.

Gerry says "we started off with 25 wheel chairs per month in 1998 we are at 350 wheel chairs per month in 2013" From welding to knitting, "Every child gets two blankets. One with a toy and one with a blanket"

The team are always looking for more knitters and you're preloved toy could be comfort to someone need on the other side of the world.

CEO Gordan Hudson, says "We rely on donations in fact it's our lifeline if we didn't get the donations we couldn't make the wheelchairs "and with a waiting list for volunteers to join, Gordan says spreading the word goes a long way.

Further Details

Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation


BSB: 016261

ACC: 267255563

Any school, association or organisation that would like to assist us in anyway please contact Gerry Georgatos, Foundation volunteer manager - wheelchairsforkids@gmail.com and 0430657309