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Reporter: Mark Gibson

There's an old saying, the first day and the last day are the best of a boat owner's life. "Well that's because in between is covered with storage and costs and trailers and registration, so how do you resolve that? You get a boat that hangs on the wall." Inside these two bags is a boat. Yes, a boat. The smaller bag with the seats and a few other bits and pieces weighs 18 kilos and fits inside a station wagon. The bigger bag which contains the hull weighs 35 kilos. That straps easily enough onto the roof rack. A total weight of just 53 kilos. "Well the challenge with folding boats is not actually folding the boat, that's kind of relatively easy, the challenge is once the boat's out is it a real boat?" Well, there's only one way to find out. Deryck Graham and his nephew James from the company "Quickboats," reckon the flat-packed fibreglass boat can be unfolded and ready to go in 60 seconds. And they're not far off. While other boaties painstakingly pump up their inflatables. This vessel fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Its 3.7 metres long, 1.7 metres wide. Attach the motor. And you're ready to go. Perfect for a spot of fishing.

Speaking of things that fold. Here's another clever West Australian invention. "All the parts slide in and out, clips on and off, so basically anyone can do it, you just have to follow the instructions and off you go." The Perth creators of this folding trailer say it uses world first technology. "Well this one actually folds, so most of the other ones they claim to fold up, you can basically store it in a broom cupboard in as little as 3 minutes." Engineer Paul Crane from Bulldog Folding Trailers shows how it folds away in a few minutes. Like the boat, the best thing about this is the space it saves. "With all the high density living that's happening now, all the blocks are becoming smaller, people have got less and less storage space and people don't want to keep things out on their front lawn just rusting away." The box top trailer only weighs 60 kilos and can carry a 350 kilo load. "It's definitely less than your average box top trailer which is around about 750 kilos, but you can't fold a box top trailer up and put it in your cupboard." And they make trailers for motorbikes, boats and kayaks. Both of these clever products were invented in W.A. and are set to be sold around the world.

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