WA Dish North West

WA on a plate, a state-wide search is underway to find the dish that's truly west Australian.

Perth's king of cuisine Rob Broadfield continues his quest in the North West.

Featured Recipes

Carpaccio Roo Fillet, Oriental Lentils & Pickled Beetroot

Ingredients: Kangaroo Fillet Lemon & Lime Sugar & Salt Cracked Black Pepper Coriander , Puy Lentils Sweet Chilli Soy Sauce Balsamic Vinegar Tomato Sauce Garlic & Ginger Shallots Beetroot White Wine Vinegar

Method: Pre-soak Lentils into Water. Marinated Roo Fillet In Lemon, Lime, Sugar, Salt And Water For 15-20mins. Boil Beetroot. Dice Garlic, Ginger, Shallots and Coriander. Seal Roo Fillet. Roll In Cracked Pepper, Coriander And Salt. Roll Into Gladwrap Roll. Fry Garlic, Ginger and Shallots. Add Sweet Chilli, Balsamic, Soy Sauce and Reduce By 3/4. When Cold Add Tomato Sauce. Cook Lentils Add To Sauce. Dice Cooked Beetroot And Pickle. Plate Up.

Grilled Fish With Dabu Dabu (Fresh Tomato Relish) And Coconut Corn

Ingredients: 1 Whole Snapper - Gutted Not Scaled 2 Tomatoes 2/3 Lime Salt Sugar Spring Onion 1 Stalk Thai Basil 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil 1 Green Chilli 2 Birds Eye Chillies 1 French Shallot Or Some Red Onion Corn On The Cob - Number As Required 1 Cup Coconut Milk 1/2 Cup Water 6 Garlic Cloves Crushed

Method: 1. Score The Fish Diagonally About 2 On Each Side. Rub Some Salt And Lime In Cavities And Where It Has Been Scored. Leave To Sit For About 10 Min. 2. Combine Coconut Milk, Water, 4 Crushed Garlic, Pinch Of Salt, Pinch Of Sugar And 1 Birds Eye Chilli In A Pan. Add the Corn Into This Mix And Bring The Gentle Boil For About 8min. 3. Place the Green Leaves Of Spring Onion and the Rest Of The Garlic In The Stomach Cavity Of The Fish. Place The Fish Under The Grill Or Over A Charcoal. Turn It Over After About 10 Min. Cook Until The Fish Is Cook. No Need To Wrap The Fish As The Scales Would Stop It From Sticking And Keep The Flesh Moist. 4. Remove The Corn From The Coconut Milk Mixture And Place On The Grill to Give Some Colour. 5. Make The Dabu Dabu. Sliced The Shallot Thinly And Mix With Some Salt. This Will Remove The Sharpness. 6. Diced The Tomatoes Keeping The Seeds Then Crush It Coarsely In A Mortar And Pestle. In A Large Mixing Bowl Combine This With The Shallot, Add Chopped Green Chilli, Bird's Eye Chilli, Sliced Of 1 Spring Onion, Pinch Of Sugar And Squeeze Some Lime Juice. Taste For Balance Of Salty And Sour. 6. Heat The Vegetable Oil In A Pan And Pour It Over The Tomatoes Mixture. Add The Thai Basil Just Before Serving Otherwise It Will Turn Black. 7. Serve The Fish On A Plate, Spoon Some Of The Dabu Dabu Over The Fish. Serve The Corn On The Side.

Shark Bay Pink Snapper & Tiger Prawn On Sweet Potato Mash With Lime & Mayonnaise

Ingredients: Shark Bay Pink Snapper, Shark Bay Tiger Prawn U6, Sweet Potato, Carnarvon Limes, Cooladerra WA Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Truffle Oil, Aioli, Sea Salt Flakes, Lime Salt, White Pepper & Garnish.

Method: Pink Snapper Portion - Skin Off, Bone Out, Lightly Dusted In Seasoned Flour, Pan-fried In Butter & Vegetable Oil. Sweet Potato Mash Blended With Black Truffle Oil, Which Creates The Base For The Snapper. 1 X U6 Tiger Prawn - Shell On, Cut In Half Length Ways, Deveined Pan-fried Shell Side Down With Olive Oil, Lime Salt And Squeeze Of Fresh Lime Juice.