Two Feet Tour

Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's a walking tour for Perth's little explorers. Ryan Zaknich from Two Feet and a Heartbeat tours is connecting our kids with the culture of Perth.

So where do our tiny treasures start, well back in 1867 when Perth's Town Hall was built, "which from history perspective is the last convict built building in WA" And actually... it's the only convict-built town hall in the whole of Australia.

Next, we are off to the heritage precinct, where our wanderers connect with the sights and sounds of our city. Tucked away is this timeless treasure, Perth's oldest building with tales of torture and triumph.

After a quick glimpse through 1836 the tour takes a trip to the tower. Ryan says "head down to the bell tower where there'll be a demonstration of the bell ringing and the kids and the families can have a go at ringing the bells themselves"

Since opening in 2000, the tourist attraction has been visited by over a million people and today these lucky ones get to ring one of largest sets of change ringing bells in the world.

Now, time to give those feet a rest, all aboard the ferry across to South Perth where the best is saved for last. "A little explore up to the zoo and into the zoo for all the fun that has to offer."

Home to lots of animals the tour ends with a wander through some of our fury favourites. "The tour can go for as long as you want it to because once you're at the zoo you can stay there absolutely all day but it goes for about 3 hours to that point."

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says the team have linked some of Perth's lost history. "I think the tour is extremely personalised and the spots they've chosen are very important because they focus on the history and the development of our city."

And it's keeping our kids engaged, entertained and active.

The tours run every Sunday til February, for more details