Trusted Trolley

Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's the impulse buying behaviour costing shoppers their time, money and health. Meet the additive army.

They're a group of mums putting trust into your trolley.

With ten kids between them-mothers Michelle, Nyssa, Kelli and Alana have done the research for you. Reading labels and compiling the facts, taking the time and stress out of shopping healthy.

Additives enhance colours, flavours and preserve food.

With over 300 additives used Australia wide 30 are considered harmful.

Food additives can have the following effects, irritability, insomnia, speech delay, headaches, bloating and mood swings.

For mother of three, Michelle her son's erratic behaviour was simply due to his diet. "Alot of time spent researching. a lot of time in the shops a lot of time on the internet very very scary actually i felt physically ill after I saw what i was actually feeding my children" After removing additives and preservatives from his meals and snacks the results spoke for themselves. "Once we have made the change everyone felt better you're mental state, your physical state you just feel healthier and the kids are benefiting from it so it's really good for us"

Food Standards Australia says "All additives are assessed for safety. Some people do experience intolerances to additives including natural additives. But there is no reason to avoid additives unless you have a proven intolerance. "

For the Trusted Trolley- it's about eliminating the things the body doesn't need. The website letting you create your shopping list before hitting the aisles.

Members get a complete a to z guide in additive education. "They can research additives and we've given all the additives a safety rating so they can have a look what their functions are and if there are any side effects"

But for these mums the process hasn't been overnight, their biggest tip. Take the transition one day at a time.

Alana says "If you choose 3 or 4 things a week to change do that and then following week change a few things over just take it slowly and you'll get there in the end"

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