Travelling Family

Reporter: Graeme Butler

The Benders are Perth's runaway family - Josh, Erin and kids Mia and Caius what they've done is either your dream come true or a holiday nightmare.

The family packed up - rented the house and hit the road- first stop Bali. 574 days and 33 countries later the Benders are back - but not for long. "At this point we're looking at exiting again in April heading towards Greece and then probably doing some of eastern Europe and then working our way east from there - he wants to go to India i don't want to go to India we're still negotiating that."

It's been an extraordinary journey, the family left Perth for Bali in May 2012 - they travelled around Asia before packing up the cases and jetting off for the USA - Disneyland Las Vegas. From there it was a short jump to the tip of Mexico the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Antigua. From there the Middle East beckoned, grabbing the suitcases and with kids in tow the benders were back in the air--the shifting sands of Dubai were calling. From the Emirates it's was onto another plane and onto Europe-- Italy, Greece Turkey - the list went on. Two years after they kicked off the next stop was Perth.

It's a lifestyle called Nomad Travelling and as the name suggests it's a case of wandering where ever the fancy takes you. The experiences the family has crammed into two years is more than most people have in a life time, zip lining in St Lucia, a lantern festival in chaing mai

Then there was the running of the little bulls in Pamplona. But it's not all play, Josh still has to work on the run - he's a web designer and just needs to log on and get to work and earn enough money to keep them travelling. "It's actually cheaper than what it was costing us to live in Perth so we're saving money don't have to work as hard but since i can work on line being a web designer i just need my laptop and from anywhere in the world i can keep on working."

Erin has found her calling as a travel writer - her blog travel with bender has taken off with followers around the world and is now earning money. Of course what makes the Bender's journey so extraordinary is they have the kids in tow. Erin believes travelling with kids is not as difficult as most people believe, it just takes a bit of planning and it's those tips she shares with parents everywhere through her blog. For the next few months the Benders are discovering their home town Perth. The next stop? Well where ever the wind takes them.

Perth's travelling family the Benders