Tradies Cost

It's a guide to what you'll need to spend and what you can save on home renovations. Australia's largest quote comparison website analysed 26,000 home renovation quotes nationally over the past year to obtain the benchmark or average prices charged for all sorts of home building jobs.

The findings, tradies prices have dropped dramatically in some industries and soared in others. Jeremy Levitt CEO found overall Perth's building and renovation prices fell almost 12% in the past year, compared with the national average where prices shrank just 1.7% overall.

"There are just more tradies available to do the work, which means that they have got to be a lot sharper in terms of pricing which is why consumers are getting a better deal now than they were last year."

Savings in Perth- biggest price drops were recorded in:

Tiling which cost $30.15 per sq. meter last year, now $25.25 -16% cheaper.

Concreting was $66.40 now $57.85, cheaper by 13%.

Painting was $43.60, now $37.90, down 13%.

Handyman, Allan Bayad says competing against other tradies' quotes for household jobs posted on service seeking's website, has forced some building prices to tumble. "On service seeking, they have 85,000 businesses. In the construction industry, they've probably got about 15,000 businesses. Prices have dropped down by about 10% compared to what I used to quote last year."

But the benchmark study found in a couple of home building trades in Western Australia, we're paying more.

Steepest price rise:

Landscaping, $52.40 per hour last year, now $65.80, UP 25%.

Also hitting the hip pocket, Electrical work was $90.60 now $94.25 per hour, up 4%.

Whatever the benchmark price, the best way to get value for money is by comparing quotes because prices can vary enormously between tradies. Jeremy Levitt says "In Perth, the onus is definitely on the consumer to compare more quotes than they might in other parts of Australia."


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