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Reporter: Helen Wellings

Choosing a competent tradie who charges a fair price can be hit and miss. Over the years we've exposed scammers who charge 3 to 4 times more for the same job ... and create disaster zones.

Now, a new way to gauge what a household job should cost, so you can select not only the best tradie, but based on BRAND NEW research ... you'll know whether it's the RIGHT price .. or not.

Jeremy Levitt is CEO of, Australia's largest quote comparison website that has thousands of building and household tradespeople ... competing for customers' jobs. You want work done .. like ...

"Painting, electrical services, plumbing, landscaping, flooring, carpentry, renovation services, paving, roofing, tiling .." Said Jeremy Levitt

You post your job description and almost immediately, several tradies respond with quotes and comments you can compare and select. The bigger picture.. Service Seeking's done a massive audit of 3 millions tradies quotes to reveal what Aussies are being charged for particular jobs. So they've come up with a Renovation Consumer Price Index.

"This index looks at the hourly rates of various trades all across Australia so consumers no matter where they're located can work out the benchmark price for a typical service like how much does house painting cost on av, and tiling on average." Said Jeremy Levitt

Building and Home Renovations - the audit reveals the AVERAGE LABOUR PRICE per hour nationally is $57.95, Best deal is Adelaide at $51.85 and dearest .. Perth by far, $69.65 per hour.

Paul Tory was ripped off by an unskilled electrician he found in the local paper - now he's a convert to ServiceSeekers, using the Benchmark as a guide to a fair price.

"Definitely eradicates any chance of getting a dodgy tradesman. They were all good." Said Tory

An electrical contractor with Service Seeking, Ray Xuereb says only fully licensed traders with full ID can get on the website and they pay a monthly access fee to quote on jobs. For consumers, it's a free service.

"You can see the price ranges from lowest to the highest, If you give a fair price and got good feedback and good reputation that's what gets you over the line, the pricing and the feedback." Said Ray

Electrical Services - Average labour price per hour nationally $70.75, most expensive, again, Perth $95.00, cheapest Melbourne $65.00. Landscaping Average is $56.35. Dearest Brisbane $61.30, cheapest Perth $51.30.

"It's so important for consumers to compare a range of quotes to see that they're not overpaying for things and they really need to understand that the tradie is including everything they want in their quote for the stated price." Said Jeremy Levitt

Concreting, national average is $62.10 per hour, Sydney most expensive by far at $91.00 per hour, Melbourne cheapest $49.70. Plumbing - national average $77.40. Perth is $83.90 compared with Melbourne at $73.45

Marius Buellens says his plumber's price of $400 to clear the blockage in his drains was reasonable. But then the quote for further work was excessive.

"It was $9,200 and I expected the quote to be more like $1,000 so that really blew me away the cost of the quote was just outrageous Service Seeking gives you an all round picture of the trades so you might put a job up on Service Seeking for a job and you might get five quotes come through from various people and you can very quickly see a broad range of quotes and see one which is fair." Said Marius



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