Top Toys

Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's every childs fantasy land. A trip to the toy store, for a play date like no other.

Tonight our smallest critics pick the top toys and add a few to their Christmas wish list.

President of the Australian Toy Association, David Hendy has listed the finalists. But is leaving the top prize decision to our tiny testers.

We'll tell you what topped the toy box soon. but first here are the favourites this festive season.

Making the finals, were plush Pillow Pets.

David says they're cute, cuddly and a comfort for our kids.

"The difference now is they have lights in them and if you turn the lights off in your room you can get a lot of reflection off the roof."

At just $34.95, you're little one won't go to sleep without it.

From boats to plush pigs. The price ranges from $9.99 up to $100 and will keep your toddlers occupied for hours.

Now to girls and their dolls, David says they're now getting more detailed in their design. "La la loopsy is phenomenon worldwide it was really designed all about a rag doll and collectability of left over material but it's in mass production now."

Lalaloopsy collectables range from $9.99 up to $50. making them affordable for the doll's house.

Also making the top 10, the Monster High Dolls.

"What's fantastic about it is it's a great range from low price from $14 all the way up."

With our ladies of leisure busy in the aisles, we headed to boy territory.

Our little lads would be lost without their Lego. And this year the Legends of Chima made the list.

David says "Lego's been around as you know for years and i think what's fantastic about it it's so creative for all the kids. It ranges from a $12 to a $100 and I think people just feel comfortable coz its good quality and it's got a lot of goodness about it and it's got a lot of play value with it."

The Combat Creatures robot was a show stopper. David says "it's like a scary robot with all these different legs walking along so it's quite fun."

Although it's the most expensive on the list at $139.95. David says it can make the present opening moment, priceless.

Also filling the stocking are Glitzy Globes for the girls

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a little dash of Disney. "Little Minnie is there and she's a cheer leader and she'll talk to you and flick around her arms and have a lot of fun she's a lot of fun for little girls."

Now for the winners...Yep, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took the top prize, from figurines to accessories.

The collection was also the least expensive on our list, making them a cheap thrill for children.

As for the girls their favourite friend. was the Furby Boom. "Well furby has been around if you remember in the 90's but the difference is they've got new technology with the app so you're really caring and sharing for the product."

So there you have it... the top ten toys that will sure make your little ones wish list.

Top 10 Toys

1. Ninja Turtles (action figures and accessories)

2. Furby Boom

3. Monster High Dolls

4. Lego (Chima and City)

5. Lalaloopsy

6. Pillow Pets

7. Peppa Pig

8. 3 Cheers Mini Mouse

9. Glitzy Globes

10. Combat Creatures