The Giants

They're the larger than life characters who roam the globe, one step at a time.

11 meters tall, a combined 30 tonnes, this pair of puppets are truely extraordinary.

Artistic Director Jonathon Holloway says Perth's pulled some strings and secured "The Giants" right here in our city for the biggest launch of the Perth International Art's Festival.

The two huge characters will wander through the city streets.

But manipulating the massive marionettes is no easy feat, getting the pair moving requires muscles.

It may seem like childsplay- playing with puppets- but this takes it to whole new heights.

Organisers are searching for fifteen locals to join a team of sixty Lilliputians from France- the name given to people who move puppets. Jonathon says "they're going to be pulling ropes, lifting legs and they are going to be doing this repeatedly over a series of days."

Dylan Heath is up for the challenge- the 25 year old mechanical engineer says playing with big toys is right up his alley. "Being a mechanical engineer the prospect of working with such a huge piece of machinery and in that arts industry really appealed to me."

A personal trainer, Miranda McCurry has given herself a gruelling workout schedule in the hope joining the troupe.

Jonathon says it's going to be hard work... battling our scouring summer sun... in full velvet suits

But as enormous crowd's line the streets.... their reaction makes it worth the sweat and tears.

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