Tayte's story

Eight months ago Four year old Tayte was a healthy active little boy - in the space of just a few days he was facing a medical crisis.

A high temperature was cause for concern but when Mum Dee noticed Tayte was struggling to walk. From his home in Pemberton - Tayte ended up in Princess Margaret Hospital.

Tayte had a rare condition called Extensive Longatudinal Transverse Myelitis, a long name for what is basically an inflammation of the covering around the spinal cord.

Paediatrician Dr Gavin Hutana was part of the team involved in Tayte's treatment at PMH - he says the condition is extremely rare.

The inflammation of the spinal sheath triggers nerve damage - it can affect bladder, bowels and muscles -it's meant months of rehabilitation and treatment.

In many was Tayte's journey to recovery has just begun, he faces a host of challenges ahead. "How do you feel about the future for him? Scared, very scared being down south there's not a lot facility wise for him if he was going to be in a wheelchair permanently there's not a lot of like sporting facilities and stuff like that we'd have to move to Perth for that which we're totally understand in a few years that might be the case." But regardless of what the future holds his mum and dad believe their little man has the determination to get the best out of life. "He can do anything he wants to do and I think the older he gets the more determined he's doing to get and yeah hopefully it's just going to be amazing he's going to blow us all away."

Tayte and his parents have moved back to their rental home in Pemberton. Their family would like to hear from anyone who can assist make the home wheelchair friendly or assist in any other way.

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