Reporter: Cassie Silver

Love it, or hate it, tattoos are here to stay ... or are they? From a few inches to a full sleeve, butterflies to barbed wire. But as much as cosmetic tattooist Adele Brunt enjoys putting ink on, there's now a huge demand to take it off. "The most common reason people get their tattoos removed is simply because they will have an ex partners name written on a certain part of their body."

Removing a tattoo can be painful, time consuming, and expensive, but now a new technique is making it easier to erase regret. Created in Germany the technology is now being widely used in Australia. Here's how it works, a small needle is used to penetrate the skin then in a circular motion, lactic acid is injected bringing the ink to the surface. Within a week a scab forms and falls away taking the tattoo along with it. Like pigment polka dots the small gaps between help the healing process and prevent scarring.

Dermatologist Dr Ernest Tan says our skin, is the biggest organ on our body, so it needs to be taken care of and according to Dr Tan, tattoos and their removal can be damaging, so with so many people getting inked, Dr Tan, he's urging people to think before they ink.

Unlike laser treatment which only removes black and blue, Tatt2away can permanently remove any colour.

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