Forget fad diets and fake tans now there's a swimsuit that promises to shed 5 kilos in 10 seconds, yes that's right - miracle swimwear.

And it's just in time for summer. "I think a lot of people only buy one piece so they want to make sure it's right and then maybe they haven't exercised over winter so that first time getting into the change room and trying on swimwear is really hard."

Investing in bathers isn't just about money, it's also a huge emotional investment, and the right one can make you feel like that James bond model, but the wrong one says stylist Nicole Adolphe can be disastrous. "It is a trend to show more skin a lot of the Brazilian butts and things like that but honestly they're not for everybody I think you just need to look at that sort of thing and if you do have a smashing body go for it but otherwise you can really only wear it if you're training hard."

Today the average Aussie woman is a size 14 and the average bust is a d cup, but modern shapes and fabrics can work their magic if you choose a style that suits your body. New Aussie swimwear label Baku caters for all shapes & sizes and is affordable. "So what is miratex? So you can see here the best way is if you pick it up its really firm it is wow but it's still not hard to put on it's really comfortable and then if we have a look at the front again you can see the way we've draped the panels so you've got all the control and comfort and the nice disguising tricks as well."

Shape wear in swimwear is in such high demand, miracle suit have patented their own fabric. And with the likes of Robin Lawley and Kim Kardashian making curves sexy, this option is perfect.

So what are the top tips for your body shape: For a pear Nicole recommends: "here I really like the panelling so if you are hourglass or pear shaped even and you want extra coverage or a more flattering look for this panelling down the side the black lines are really slimming." stick with a one piece and colour block, also try a v neck and a higher cut on the leg.

For the hourglass try shape wear, boning, a ruffled waistband or a boy cut leg.

And for those wanting to add curves, try triangle shapes, extra padding, a two piece with ruffles.

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Seafolly - www.seafolly.com.au

Baku is stocked at www.bakuswimwear.com.au and Ginja is stocked at www.ginjaswimwear.com.au