Super Foods

Reporter: Cassie Silver

Move over quinoa and kale there's new health boosting heroes hitting our shelves. It's said. "You are what you eat" so stocking up on super foods seems to be the food wave of the future.

"Super food is a food that has an extraordinary amount or an extra amount of nutrients that other foods don't have." Dietician and nutritionist Julie Meek says the stranger the name the more intrigued we are to try.

First on the shopping list-- cacao nibs. "Doesn't have the fat or the sugar which is a bonus but they are very bitter they are very dark chocolate which is where the benefits lie." Yep, you heard right chocolate has shot up to super food status.

Julie says "some people might put them in smoothies, or in baking goods. But smoothies would be the number one thing but some people may eat them by the handful as a snack."

With turmeric taking over the spice rack, Cayenne Pepper is the latest super food adding some heat in the kitchen. Julie says "it have been linked to a small increase in metabolism, therefore you digest and burn your food up more quickly.

Owner of Health Freak Cafe, Victoria Carbone says she adds the spice to her sweets, "we actually use it in our metabolising cupcakes. Because after you've eaten a cupcake you can burn fats for up to 20 minutes afterwards" a healthy treat, without the guilt.

Next on the health hit list is maca powder, "maca powder we use in all our raw cakes, we also put it into some of our drinks."

Used in cakes and shakes, its powder that packs a serious nutritional punch, "in terms of increased energy, that's the benefits of that and an increased in libido apparently."

Move aside kale and seaweed, as kelp powder powers through. Added to soups or stir-fries, it's one of the very few sources of iodine our body needs.

Ancient grains are all the go, with freekeh named the new quinoa or cous cous, "so instead of using quinoa or rice for example it makes a really nice salad base. Or side dish as a carbohydrate."

Tofu has been around for more than 2,000 years now the new meat substitute tempeh is taking over in 20-14.

Self-confessed gym junkie and trainer, Christie Brooks says super foods are changing every day. Christie says it's all about experimenting, "all you got to do is add in a little bit of maca powder add in a little bit of spice add a little bit of love. Take a bit of pride in what you're putting into your body. Your body is a temple." Rounding off the list is bee pollen as a honey replacement and herbal tulsi tea.

Julie says to get the benefits of super foods you don't need the packaged or powdered kind, "cabbage, onions, and beetroot, salmon for example they don't need to be a supplement or a powder and they don't need to cost a lot of money."

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