Sugar free Mum

Addicted, to sugar. For most of her life, Bunbury mum of six Natalie Humble lived for her next fix.

The kilos piled on- at heaviest, Natalie tipped the scales at 143 kilos, making her feel powerless.

For Natalie, the only option that made sense was completely cutting sugar. But the effort was worth it, her results are extraordinary.

Natalie now eats fruit, vegetables, lean meat and healthy grains... eating more but losing weight.

From a size 22. To a size ten, but the best bit -"Going from not being able to walk to being able to run with my children? That's what I love the most."

Author Sarah Wilson has led almost 600 thousand people to a sugar free lifestyle.

According to Sarah, sugar deadens the brain's appetite control system - making you hungrier, all the time. "Anybody who takes sugar out of their diet, they give their body the best chance of turning on the right appetite hormones so that their bodies then regulate and find their healthy weight."

Although a sugar free diet can lead to weight loss, Sarah recommends focussing on its other health benefits. "Focus on things like mood stability, clear skin, emotional wellbeing and general health outcomes rather than the weight loss, and it'll be far more sustainable."

As for Natalie, she no longer craves sugary food and life couldn't be sweeter, "feels good being able to interact with my children the way I can now, and be there for them. I feel proud in myself for being able to."