Stop Bullying

Eight year old Sian is a brave girl, who's refusing to let the bullies beat her. Sian has a stutter and has endured hurtful taunts and teasing since kindergarten. Teased about her stutter since kindy. Sian was six; she opened up to her Mum, Azalene. To cope with the stress, Sian began to make video clips. The response so overwhelming, she wanted to run own anti bullying classes.

Sian's Mum quit her job- and together they started Kidzucate - a not for profit organisation that runs anti bullying classes run for kids - by a kid. Sian's work has earned her a pride of Australia young leader medal and she's just returned from Belgium - where she was the youngest person to ever receive the human rights hero award. Sian's been contacted by kids from all over the world, for advice from one child to another, a daughter and her Mum on a mission.

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