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Whoever said losing weight was harder as you got older, might eat their words after Peter's story.

56 year old Peter Strong has lost nearly 80 kilos in just 16 months and managed to keep it off.

For 5 decades the floor layer led a life fuelled by fatty greasy and sugary foods reaching debilitating 192 kilos at his heaviest.

Like many of us he tried fasting and fad diets and failed. "most of the diets included things like counting calories that type of thing of having set amounts of certain types of food you've got to eat, pre-planned food, a lot of the food i ate it but it was like taking medicine not things i like, in the end i gave up, couldn't take it any more" it was a battle he wanted but he couldn't fight alone so he sought the help of a dietician, a decision that changed his life. "I was told from the start it's not a diet, its learning better choices and that's actually what I've been taught and i never actually believed I'd learn something like that"

"Other diets tend to get bogged down in numbers and facts and this is getting right back to basics" practising dieticians Justine Hawke and Sally Johnston co-wrote the food resource-- "spoons for thought""Most food has some fat and sugar hidden within it and most people don't understand where that's hiding, so we actually have looked at that food and taken out the number of teaspoons of fat and sugar and shown that pictorially" It's a simple formula that reveals the awful truth about what we are really consuming. Justine and sally covered 250 popular food and meal items in the book confronting us with the question why would you want to eat all this. It was these simple swaps that made all the difference for peter and the best part and you can still enjoy the foods you eat.

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