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What if there was a treatment that could get you back on your feet in no time without any surgery or even orthotics. "Within the first few weeks i started noticing a difference, for months Kate Bettinson struggled with day to day activities. "Anything physical like walking gardening, anything like that i couldn't do it, I'd try but then i couldn't do it and have to put my feet up" She had serious structural issues with her feet and had tried everything to fix them but nothing seemed to numb the pain. "The treatments that I've tried cold packs, heat packs, ice gel, deep heat, panadol, aspirin, pads on my feet with electrical impulses" Council worker Ron Leanne was in agony because of a heel spur on his right foot which was preventing him from working and doing the thing he loved most ballroom dancing, that was until he tried foot mobilisation. "I noticed the difference within two or three days i was able to walk normally in two weeks"

Ted Jadynak is a podiatrist who focuses solely on manual therapy for the feet, "over the last 20 years now I've been studying and training with physios and chiropractors and taking out what they know about manual therapies and applying the podiatry biomechanics" and he's been helping to heel many foot problems that plague so many of us. "The most common problem we see is heel pain, planter fasciitis is the technical term but dropped arches, weak ankles, Achilles tendon problems, they are the primary conditions that respond really well to foot mobilization" offering an alternative to orthotics or inserts. "It's designed to find the underlying cause and rectify that, it's a treatment that takes a little longer than sliding inserts in to the shoes however the long term effects that we're seeing are something we're happy to have our patients get long term correction that lasts for decades in to their future." Like a physio or chiro there may be a few ongoing appointments but the therapy is covered by private health insurance after which the cost is quite reasonable. While Ted has successfully treated thousands of patients in his clinic foot mobilisation is yet to be formally recognised by the governing bodies.

Perth Practitioners who use Foot Mobilisation

Ben Trewben and Scot Thomas at Step Ahead Podiatry

Kingsway Podiatry

Case Chiropractic and Foot Mobilisation

Dr Case Sinclair
7b Silas Street, East Fremantle
(08) 93394229