Smart Inventions

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Australian's have a proud track record of clever ideas - the hills hoist - the black box flight recorder - even the humble power board found in every home - well these smart Perth inventors are about to launch their big ideas onto the world market.

John and Lisa Winters have just launched their Hustle bags and wallets onto the market - from their home in Perth they're taking on the world. Their simple idea provides a solution to smart phones that run flat.

The answer was to use a portable battery that allows phone to users to charge up on the run. The clever bit was to incorporate that battery into a bag or wallet.

It's one thing to have a good idea. It's another to actually turn it into a reality. To help get their hustle bag's off the drawing board John and Lisa turned to crowd funding - a relatively new concept that allows inventors to promote their products on the internet and invite customers to buy a product before it's actually been produced... helping fund the project.

"A lot of people think of crowd funding as being just a pre-order for a product but it's not quite that it's also people helping to create something" Nigel Clifford also used the internet based system to launch his invention - Adventure underwear. "A pair of men's Merino wool boxer briefs which are used to conceal and protect your valuables in any situation, They have a couple of hidden pockets one of which is water proof up to 60 metres deep and is large enough for passport, smart phone, small camera, wallet cash credit card anything you like"

Nigel came up with the idea for the waterproof hidden pocket while travelling overseas, "i met my business partner because he has nice little tattoo on his wedding ring and i asked him about it and he said what's that for and he said well i was i went surfing in Mexico and i left my wedding ring in my shoes and hid my shoes in the jungle so i wouldn't lose them so they wouldn't get stolen came back from a surf and low and behold they got stolen 4.09 and i said to him I'm so sorry that happened to you but i have the solution"

After various prototype's Nigel settled on his Adventure underwear design - and has now launched them onto the market.

Simplicity is the key to this invention - the club whizz. The problem was how to clean golf clubs easily on the run - the solution was the golf Whizz the brain-child of Phil Laing and Rob Monzu. "Basically its' a golf brush that attaches to any push cart and you can retro-fit it and it's fantastic as you walk the course you clean clubs after you finish you can take it off clean your shoes clean you buggy tyres before you put them in the car so it cleans every cleaning purpose for the golfer" The idea was born simply enough during a game of golf - Phil unwittingly hit an inventers hole-in-one. "We were just playing golf together one day and i was walking along put my basically put the club on the wheel and got the dirt off and thought hey i might have to do something about that and put a brush on there I think" First the pair turned to a local design company and with the product in hand it was then to the internet for marketing. "Luckily now there's social media and that's what we use through Facebook and twitter and launching a YouTube video which went viral and that sort of gave us feedback from golfers from Tasmania to Scandinavia saying guys we love the product when can we buy it and that gave us the motivation to push ahead with the product"

For would-be inventors the ideas might be different but the story of success is always the same - "i think a lot of people don't pursue good ideas cos they're afraid of it but my best advice would be 1. Validate the idea first and 2 test it with your target market, it doesn't matter where you are or kind of what background you have if you've got a good idea you can develop it and get it out there take it to the world"

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