Small Bra Boutique

Reporter: Cassie Silver

They say size doesn't matter but for many flat chested women it does. "I often ended up in the teenage section because there just wasn't anything that fitted me properly and also sent home with the wrong sizes I now discovered" Mother of two, Nicci Workum has answered petite women's prayers, "My range is about trying to get women to feel good about themselves that's the whole ethos of my business you don't have to feel less of a woman because you don't have breasts"

The bra boutique caters for smaller cup sizes, giving women the confidence they may be missing. Nicci says what we should all have is a bra that fits. A staggering 90% of Nicci's customers come in wearing the wrong size. And you're bra has an expiry date, so it's time to fling/flick the old faithfuls/favourites. Nicci says "once your bra band is stretched it needs to go again because of that support issue 80% of the support should be from the band so once its stretched and pulling out from your back more than an inch them it's really time for it to go" Whether it's a push up or a sports bra, Nicci says buying a good bra is a worthwhile investment. "It does offer the support; they do last longer if you care for them by hand washing they will last you a much longer time then something that's cheaper. It helps your clothes to sit better and it's a lot cheaper than a breast enhancement" Nicci's smalls offers the support women need. "A dollar from every bra goes to charities that support women and at the moment I'm supporting Estar foundation who offer programs for women in crisis"

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