Shared Space

It's a dream of many, ditching the 9 to 5 and working for themselves.

Perth couple, Kate and Matt dreamt of turning their hat hobby into a business - with record high rent for commercial premises - they were scared to take a financial risk, then they stumbled upon a clever solution.

The concept is shared space, here at Fremantle's old Myer Building budding entruepneuers pay a small fee to use the site sharing it with others to cut down on overheads

What used to be the first floor of Myer is now a production floor - Artists, furniture makers, metal workers, even a surfboard maker - the big break they needed.

Around the corner is a shipping container - turned hospitality hub. This is Mantle - where caterers can rent a commercial kitchen or run a pop up restaurant.

Or how about a mini winery without the overheads?

And there's a bar, tapas and pizza place - all sharing the same place to cut down on costs.

Mantle's Anatoly Mezhov says it's a new concept that's taking off.

Brad and his wife started Magna pizza here - a dream come true.

Shared work spaces are taking off all over Perth

This is Space cubed in the heart of the cbd.

The brain child of Brodie Mculluoch - allowing people with big ideas sharing workspace without forking out a fortune for rent.

From catering to furniture making - it's the that revolutionary concept giving anyone with a good idea, a foot in the door.