School of Life

With the holidays almost over, it's not only kids heading back to school. But this isn't your average classroom or your average lessons.

"We offer a range of classes on everything from how to find a job you love, to even how to worry less about money, also how to face death." Ande Rostenberg is the Director of Perth's School of Life, where lessons start with wine and cheese.

Author Alain de Botton started the school in London six years ago and now, it's landed in Perth. The school of life believes these life lessons aren't just common sense.

And here's a taste of that guidance; Ande's top tips from three of the school's most popular classes.

First class - How to have a better conversation. The tip: make time to speak with people face to face.

Lesson two: how to be in a relationship, or not. Ande's big tip: Love's not a fairytale, its ability.

And lesson three: how to get a better job. Ande's tip, courtesy of Aristotle: Follow your passion, and make it useful.

The School of Life Perth

224 William Street, Northbridge, Perth WA