Sattler Returns

It's been more than 18 months since we've heard Howard Sattler on air - now he's back. There's no keeping Howard Sattler down, a battle with Parkinson's Disease and then a war with 6PR. He was famously sacked from over a controversial interview with former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Now he's branching out alone, podcasting - an internet based radio station. "Putting together a new radio station, 8 hours a day Monday to Friday a whole series of very informative segments also with me serving it up to a few people and giving them a bit of hell will it be the old Howard Sattler? part of it will be, part of it will be even better Howard Sattler I hope.

Called the Sattler Files, the outspoken shock jock will be joined by Veteran Broadcaster Gary Shannon - Sports presenter Tom Atkinson and radio and television presenter Tricia Duffield. While the content will be familiar - opinions, views, talk-back - the platform is new. You can't tune in through your radio, you need to log onto the podcast via the internet. "Podcasts generally are fairly, they're not interactive you are more of a spectator or listener so what we're using now is podcasting but it's the new technology that allows people to interact so we can still do talkback we've also got platforms Facebook, twitter flckr all of those sorts of things."


The Sattler Files launches on February 2 2015

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