Romance Scam

Every day west Australians lose $30,000 a day to romance scammers - $10 million a year and that's just what's reported to authorities. WA police and department of commerce have set up a taskforce to tackle the problem - Detective Senior Sgt Steve Potter Operation Sunbird. Police have had some success dealing with Nigerian Authorities - but they admit catching the scammers is difficult. "Can you get their money back? It's very difficult once the money has been sent one of things we're trying to do is work with some of the agencies where money's getting collected and things like that but it is very difficult where money's sent online."

The best defence is warning people.

Don't send money to someone you've never met.

Here are some simple tips.

- Google image photos (to check if the images are really who you think)

- Independently check phone numbers and addresses (to see if they really exist or who they really belong to)

- do a BSB search to see where bank accounts are

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