Rollercoaster Reveal

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Its' been years in the planning - months in construction and now the biggest thrill ride ever to be built in W.A is revealed - the 12 million dollar rollercoaster at Adventure World has been named Abyss -

Adventure World boss Mark Shaw says Abyss will be the first real theme ride Perth's ever seen and it's not for the faint hearted.

The roller coaster was constructed in Germany - the scary theming has been built at a special facility in the Philippines which specialises in theme park fit outs around the world - a massive gateway will lead riders through a waste land protected by druid guardians - riders will speed past upturned trees with ravens watching over them. "The ride's called Abyss and that is a reflection of some of the ride elements particularly inside the dark side of the building there's a bit of plunge there and the ride theme has the guardians of the Abyss which protect the ride and the powers of the ride it has these strange powers that overcome you"

Without doubt this is going to be the most exciting part of this ride, its 30 metres straight up in the air and you know what they say what goes up must come down. As you approach the crest you'll go over the crest into a more than vertical drop will pick up speed up to 85 km/h " There are four inversions on the ride as well as a zero G roll and a dark section and more twists and turns than a crime thriller - all that equals the white knuckle ride of your life.

Is this going to be like anything Perth has seen before? No this is a totally new experience i mean the coaster itself is world class four inversions a 30 metre tower there with more than vertical drop 85 km/h " Construction at Adventure World is continuing at a frantic pace - the ride is slated to open at the beginning of November and if you think you're up for it you can win your chance to be the first member of the public to take the ride.

We're about to launch a very special competition which opens at 13 minutes past midnight on Friday the 13th and basically it's an online game where you collect points and the two teams with the most points will be the chosen ones and they will be the first to ride the ride on the media launch night it's a very special night"

To enter the competion you have to log on and play the game online -

Adventure World Roller Coaster Competition

( competition goes live at 12.13 am Friday 13th September )

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