Rocky Horror

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It certainly is astounding. And just how fleeting time is brought home as Rocky Horror marks 40 years. The show penned by Richard O'Brien shocked and delighted audiences when it began it's 4 week run in London back in 1973 - 40 years later there's still a light burning in the Frankenstein place. Craig McLachlan has pulled on the fishnets again for the Australian 40th anniversary tour it's the only role he says he's ever wanted to play again. Rocky Horror was made into a film a few years after its stage premier. It became an instant cult hit.

Nicholas Christo is Eddie and Dr Scott in the show... and when the production heads West in a few weeks' time... it'll be a home coming for the WAAPA trained actor. "I'm pretty excited that I'm coming back cos this is the first big show that I've come back through Perth i try and get back and do shows at His Majesty's down at the cabaret room down there which is where is started actually, from Perth went through WAAPA and then got my first professional breaks in Perth and then came over to Sydney." In it's 40 years the rocky horror show has gathered a cult following with some real diehard fans and for two of them this is going to be the production of a lifetime, the producers are looking for Perth's own brad and Janet to join the cast and be in the show for one night only. "Audition with really good glasses gets some glasses get the comb over happening for the Brads"

"She needs to go from the step ford wife to the damaged goods like that so you've got to have the sweet side and the naughty side to you to be Janet." Christie Wheelan Brown and WAAPA trained Tim Maddren are Brad and Janet - they say if there's one thing anyone who wants to be in the show needs to know it's this, "well the famous song of course from the show is the time warp which is a party dance and we love it when people get up and join in." Christopher Luscombe directed the production in London and is in Australia to direct it here; he says the audience is really part of Rocky Horror.

Details on how you can win a chance to perform in the Rocky Horror show visit the following website