Rockingham Rates

George isn't usually a revolutionary - but this Rockingham pensioner is launching a campaign of civil disobedience. After recent anger over large rate hikes, George is calling for a boycott. He says he's sick of years of rate rises that are way above inflation.

Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels told Seven News last week that the rate rises still put Rockingham at the lower end of the scale compared to other councils, "we've sat down gone through our ten year business plan with the growth that the city is having somewhere around 5% growth areas like Baldivis growing between 15 - 18% it does put a lot of pressure on council in relation to the infrastructure." But George isn't buying the explanation he's calling on the council to cap the rises, "I'm asking for the rates for this year not to increase and for the following three years to be limited to CPI." and until that happens George says he won't be paying his rates and wants other ratepayers to join him.

There is of course a word of caution. If you fail to pay your rates you will be hit with a 10% interest charge, plus you could face legal costs if the council decides to pursue you through the courts for the money - civil disobedience comes at a cost.

With 60% of the city's income coming from rates, George is hoping in the end money will talk "its people power that's hopefully what will end up."

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