Road Rules

Reporter: Cassie Silver

They're laws to keep us safe and alive on our roads. But RAC's Matt Brown says there's more to it than just keeping left. "Our big challenge is to get WA motorists to actually understand the common road rules things like merging and round abouts"

Tonight, the top ten road rules motorist might be missing and how you can be pinned for your points.

No wheeled toys on the road at night.

These toys are for the footpath not the road and if you break the rules expect a $50 fine.

No body parts to hang or sit outside the car window

Matt says "really important if you've got kids in the back seat it's dangerous to have body parts, arms, hands hanging out the window it's also a distraction for other drivers. It's a $50 fine and they will lose a demerit point as well" And passengers don't think you're getting off you too will be hit with a $50 fine.

No riding a bike with tethered animals.

Riding your bike alongside your dog is actually dangerous for you both. Matt says "if that dog happens to pull off the cyclist in front of an oncoming vehicle then you're looking at very dangerous situation" and you also run the risk of being stung with a $100 fine.

You can't be intoxicated while riding a bike.

Matt says "You cannot be in charge of a bicycle if you are over the limit you could be hazardous to yourself or to other road users on that bicycle"

If you're pinged for drinking and riding it could cost you $100.

No games on the road. It's been labelled as Unaustralian but if you're caught playing a game you're breaking a road rule

The fine $50.

No hanging objects on the mirrors or windscreen.

Matt says "if you've got something dangling there it can distract you particularly if you're travelling at high speed that can cause accidents and serious accidents" So it's out with the fluffy dice and hanging air fresheners. "You're looking at a $100 fine which is a pretty fair sting you could also lose a demerit point as well"

Parking too close to a bus stop is illegal.

You must leave at least 20 metres on the approach and 10m after the bus stop. Matt says "and this is all about the safety of passengers getting on and off the bus so that the bus can't park properly and it's also about the traffic flow around the bus stop" Not only could the bus hit your car but there'll be another hit to your wallet. "It's a $50 fine if you are parking too close to a bus zone so it's a bit of a sting in the pocket"

Only use your horn to warn other motorists.

Matt says "they are not there to signal goodbye to someone they're not there to get somes attention they're not there to be used as a nuisance"

A friendly toot could cost you $50.

You must lock and secure your vehicle before leaving it. It may seem like common sense but leaving the car without locking the doors and winding up the windows is actually breaking the law. Unless there is someone in the car while you're gone but that person has to be at least 16 years old otherwise you're still breaking the rules.

Matt says "it's about keeping your vehicle safe it's about making it harder for people who want to steal your vehicle or steal objects out of your vehicle. Make life harder for them" If you don't lock up before you leave you run the risk of a $50 fine.

Driving too slow is illegal and hazardous.

Driving too slow is just as dangerous as speeding.

Matt says "where the speed limit is 100 k an hour you should not be doing less than 80 k an hour unless there's congestion or poor weather conditions. If you are driving too slowly on the freeway you'll only be hit with a $50 fine.

With 600 pages of road traffic laws Matt says it's time to brush up.

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