If you find yourself boarding this plane chances are it'll be the most important flight of your life.

15 aircraft, a team of more than 300 doctors, nurses and pilots. Professor Stephen Langford is just one of them; taking to the air every day, saving lives in the sky.

And while "The Royal Flying Doctor Service" has been around for more than 80 years, it's these new members of the fleet taking aero emergency to new heights.

"We fly our aircraft so long and hard every year we fly about 1600 hour per year per aircraft which means we need to replace them every 10 years."

Flying more than 9,000 patients every year, across WA's 2.5 million kilometres of land - redefining the term "Frequent Flyer"

"Do you ever look above as planes pass over Perth and wonder where they've going or where they've been, well next time you spot a red bellied aircraft flying overhead you can sure it's the royal flying doctors service, providing care in the air."

Stephen says "What we endeavour to do is start the sort of hospital level treatment in the air craft."

On board, Stephen describes it as providing critical care in a shoebox. Monitors and life support ventilators, all within an arm's reach.

And while there aren't any major surgical procedures on board, Stephen says providing care at 25,000 feet comes with its challenges. "Some of our patients are critically ill, and they're having the equivalent of an anesthetic for anything up to 12 hours." They spend majority of their working week above ground and for Stephen- it's been 32 years with the remarkable team he says you can be too close for comfort.

And if you would like to donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, http://supportus.flyingdoctor.org.au/donate/?state=WA