Reno Tips

Reporter: Mark Gibson

From a filthy old clothes factory, to a stunning, modern home. This incredible North Perth makeover isn't finished, but we just had to show it to you anyway.

You've seen the amazing transformations on House Rules, where the teams are given just seven days. Imagine what this place will look like after a three year reno.

Christie Blizzard is a do-it-yourself dynamo, buying and renovating ten homes, the first when she was just 18.

Christie's top ten tips for a successful renovation.

At the top of the list, know your market. "My biggest advice with renovation is know your market, whether you're renovating for yourself as a family or whether you're renovating to sell, if you know your market and you know what properties are worth then you know what you can spend, cos you don't want to over-capitalise."

Number two, make a plan. Then, set a realistic budget.

Number four, live in the reno if you can, to save a fortune. "The reality is not many people can afford to renovate and have a second property to live in, so it's a case of just juggling it and you might need to find temporary accommodation but you keep that down to a minimum therefore saving money and having more money to invest in your property."

Tip number five, think big. "Set your dream sky high and then work back, there's things that aren't achievable but there's so many things that are, so just know what you want, have your goals and work to them."

Christie uses websites like Gumtree to hire helpers. You'll save on labour by using students and backpackers.

At number seven, teamwork. "If you're renovating with someone it's definitely about team work, at the end of the day you're going to be side by side with them and you've both got a common goal."

Next, re-purpose, you don't have to use things the way they were intended. "If somebody's throwing out a kitchen it might be a good idea, maybe it won't be a kitchen in your house but you might be able to use one of the kitchen counters as a really nice talking point."

Tip number nine, accessorise. "If your couch is old and dodgy then you don't necessarily have to replace it, you might be able to brighten it up with some new cushions and a throw and things like that."

And rounding out the top ten, don't be scared, go for it! "People are always so scared to paint a colour or try something in case they don't like it and they think they're stuck with it forever and at the end of the day they're not, if it's just a $60 can of paint you can paint over it, so take a chance."

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