Remote Tourism

It's a place most of us could only ever dream of. Mark Stothard owns luxury Cruise ship True North, and he's taking tourist to a secret location few people in the world have ever been.

Home to one of the world's most amazing creatures. A pristine paradise where gentle giants feed from the hands of fishermen.

On board Marine Biologist Mark Urdmann is working with locals and tourists to make sure the whale sharks are protected. "That in particular is going to require some significant management, because right now of course it's pretty easy but you can imagine if there's ten boats that all want to see the whale sharks that's going to be a challenge."

And that's just the entree; just a five minute flight by helicopter is a location so remote it's largely unexplored. Down below - an amazing underwater wreck.

Three WWII bomber planes that the history books forgot and this is thought to be the first time they've ever been seen by tourists, they are incredibly preserved and the wrecks are surrounded by pristine reef.

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