Red Hatters in WA

Reporter: Cassie Silver

The last time we saw this much purple, it was grand final day.

They're called the Red Hatters. Women from all walks of life, sharing stories and the same style.

Stef Haywood is the Queen of the Red Hat Roos just one of 72 groups in WA.

All they need is a purple dress, a red hat and each other.

It all started in US over a decade ago. Bev Fussell is the lady responsible for the purple rain in Perth.

For widows or empty nesters. Bev says you're never alone with the hatters, "It's getting women out from doing the dishes and all those mundane things putting their knitting away and having fun."

And these ladies never go anywhere unless their two toned and together.

Today there's more than 50 shades of purple, 130 actually all heading for a trip on the Leeuwin keeping the senior spirit afloat.

This is the real red sea, filled with purple pirates.

As a red hatter you must be over 50, for those under--you're a Pinky. 48 year old Karen Mc'Laren says she's hanging out for her red-uation. 6 years with the group as a Pinky. Karen's been to New Orleans and Vegas and says these ladies are mad hatters, "age doesn't even come into it with the red hatters they certainly know how to party they party better than girls younger than me."

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