Reality TV stars

Reality TV turns everyday Australians into household names.

He won the hearts of Australian women, then broke them. Former Bachelor Blake Garvey reckons he knows the trick to getting your face on TV. A talent scout first suggested Blake should apply for the show. After months of phone calls and Skype interviews, he became Australia's Bachelor.

You hear his voice on Nova's breakfast show, but Nathan Morris got his big break at the Big Brother auditions back in 2002. Nathan reckons any personality is okay, just be prepared to give up your privacy.

Perth's Carole and Russell Bramston lacked experience, but became House Rules favourites. They had their fair share of arguments, but the couple knows the secret to keeping relationships intact. "Share the workload. Share and debrief" "and communicate?" "I didn't want to use that word because Russ, it's not something you're really familiar with. But anyhow, just share it all and shout at each other, who cares that's human. People do that"

Once you've made it onto the television there are some traps to look out for.

When the show wraps up, the interest remains. "You have to look at the positive side of everything you do. Don't look at that and think, aw I wish they'd stop driving past my house, beeping their horn going Russellll, Russell, because that's what happens here. We'll save you"

Perhaps the best advice, don't give up your day job. "Do not expect to come out with a career. Hope for it yes, but don't plan on it because you're delusional to the think that the amount of reality shows that are out these days within the Australian market every person is going to come out and get a gig."

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