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Reporter: Cassie Silver

There's no better time to kick start your new health regime than now. For some, it means going raw for others it means giving up gluten. Dietician Bianca Mazur from Thermomix, says the less processed foods we eat the better we'll feel. John Wood has been on the raw road for over 6 years. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006, John ditched the processed picks and went all-natural' the next day. Losing 13 kilos and now cancer free, the 72 year old educator says he's never looked back.

It's the raw revolution that's made the fresh section at the supermarket the busiest spot at the shop. From soups, salads and smoothies to dips and desserts.

Owner of Solomon's cafe in Highgate, Paul Reid says people shouldn't feel restricted when they eat out. Solomon's have made a reputation in the raw restaurant industry and challenge the myth that it's tasteless and time consuming.

Thriving with 3 Thermomix's Paul says it's cutting their prep time in half. "It's easy to make a quick meal at the end of the day they don't need the cooking skills and can save them a lot of money from eating out and buying take away food."

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