Raw Food

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

This a menu with a twist from pizza to pasta, everything is RAW.

Heath Daley, and his fiancée Emma, run The Raw Kitchen and customers are queuing up.

So what is RAW food made from? ... Well Heath's agreed to share his secret recipe for his best seller ... raw pizza.

The pizza base is made from buckwheat, flax seed and raw vegies add sun dried tomatoes, salt, water and whizz it up.

Now the paste is spread but it's going to take 2 days before it's set the base is dehydrated, not baked.

Clinton Smith and his family are raw food fans even little Indiana loves Dad's dishes.

Raw foodies don't eat anything that's been cooked and claim it has huge health benefits.

The Australian Medical Associations, Dr Richard Choong says while more fruit and veg are beneficial, a balance diet is still crucial. "Obviously when you take any diet to the extreme you're going to have problems and in the circumstances where you have a raw food diet only, particularly if it's a vegetarian based raw food diet then you're going to have problems with missing calcium levels are going to lower, your zinc levels will be low, vitamin d levels which is absolutely essential for body process"

Over time, Dr Choong says a 100% raw diet could lead to undetected health problems, "we may not realise until 30 years later when we're suffering with osteoporosis that we have actually lost our calcium levels, you need to consider things like what is your substitutes what are you missing out on now with your new diet so there's definitely lots of considerations"

Since first going raw Clinton has spent hour's fine tuning his diet and he's got an army of followers in his footsteps. "It started as a Facebook page a few years ago and slowly built up and now it has a lot of momentum behind it and dedicated followers" Now he's got clients signing up for his Perth Raw Foodies master classes and today, he's making us a smorgasbord.

First on the menu pad Thai

Zucchini noodles, carrot, cauliflower, coriander, and red cabbage -simple vegetables.

Now for the sauce, made from almond butter, sesame seeds butter, soy, ginger garlic, and lime and lemon juice.

Mix it all together and we're done, raw pad Thai

Next, another family favourite lasagne, raw style.

First Clinton makes a pesto sauce made from basil and pumpkin seeds.

The marinara is made from a mixture of tomato, onion, and garlic but it's the cheese, that takes the cake- "it's a nut cheese actually some soaked cashews" and add miso paste, yeast and salt.

As for the pasta well, it's actually zucchini layer upon layer of raw ingredients.

Back in Heath's kitchen and it's time to pull out the pizza base.

First the raw tomato sauce then Heath adds fresh tomato and "then the cheese, what's the cheese made from? Macadamia nuts and cashew"

Topped with basil.

No longer just a fad the raw food revolution is gaining momentum and so long as it's done in moderation, health experts say it can't hurt.

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