Purple Hearts Ball

Perth women, united against a formidable foe.

We first met Michelle Harries last year, after doctors took more than four years to diagnose her breast cancer. Now, Michelle believes research is the key, to make sure no one else has to go through what she did.

Rachael Duff has also suffered a cruel blow, from cancer... losing her mum two years ago. Rachael says her mum was an amazing person and grandmother, and it's Rachael's dream to help fight the disease that affects so many. Rather than feeling helpless, she's joined together with friends to raise money for cancer research.

A former military lawyer, Rabia Sabbique knows the power of taking action.

Together they're going on the attack - and they've enlisted the support of one of Australia's biggest pop stars. Samantha Jade lost her Mum to cancer just last year, which is why she'll be returning to her hometown to perform at a Ball that's all about beating the disease.

WA women, who've all been affected in different ways, are coming together to help future generations by doing whatever they can, today.

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