Points Whisperer

There are more than 300 different credit cards on the market, 56 frequent flyer loyalty programs around the world and every year businesses and everyday Australians are missing out on tens of millions of frequent flyer points they could be using for a free trip.

They call Steve Hui the "Points Whisperer" in two and a half years he's recovered 37 and a half million frequent flyer points for his clients, mostly small and big business.

Business and tax advisor David Hodge now channels all his expenses through one credit card... racking up almost a million points a year.

Tanya and her husband have about 400,000 points with two frequent flyer programs, but Steve has found even more "I believe we can get her another 90,000 points extra."

Steve's tips are

Know where you want to travel.

Select the frequent flyer program that gets you there.

Use a credit card for all YOUR expenses, but ensure you pay it off every month.

Then an average Australian is able to earn enough points for one free flight to Europe every two years.