Point Peron


In a peaceful corner of the W.A coast - a battle is being waged to stop a massive development at Point Peron. This is what's planned by developer Cedar Woods and the state government Landcorp, a 1.3 Billion dollar Marina Development. Paul Sadleir from Cedar Woods says it's a project that's long overdue, "this project was initiated by the state government and really it follows I think 40 years of recognition of inadequate marina facilities within the Rockingham district. We use the analogy of the Hillarys Marina when that was first mooted there was a lot community opposition to it, I think it's now the second most visited tourist destination in Perth" but developers have a fight on their hands, Dawn Jecks from the group Hand Off Point Peron says the plan should be scrapped.

There are environmental concerns also about the effect on Penguins and the adjacent a class reserve, opponents also worry about the freshwater Lake Richmond which attracts migratory birds turning salty, and Debbie Kelly lives nearby. "What's got me fired up is the canals are going to come right very close to them so we're bringing sea water in and really the independent scientists have said Lake Richmond is at risk of being salty." Oppontants have released their own plan for the site more along the lines of King's Park, "we're only looking at $5million to actually put beautiful cycle ways through here picnic grounds adventure playgrounds , we could have an entertainment precinct where we could have movies and concerts just like kings park."

The land here at Point Peron was given to Western Australia by the Commonwealth government back in 1964 as part of that agreement it was never to be used for industrial or commercial purposes, well that's changed. 15 years ago the state government challenged the legality of that agreement and it was found to be no longer binding. Ambrose Cummins says apart from the moral question he doesn't believe the planned development is economically viable, this is a state government proposal but the state government hasn't yet been able to show that it's actually feasible or viable. They really need to put the figures on the table because what we do know is that it would cost a lot of money to build and a lot of taxpayers' money would be required." The project has already received Environmental approval with conditions attached, there's more monitoring, public comment and planning before any construction is expected to commence.

Info about the proposal can be found at www.manglesbaymarina.com.au

Details about the alternative proposal can be found at www.cape-peron-coastal-park.com

Find the group at www.handsoffpointperon.com


Also www.landcorp.com.au