Pinch Me

Reporter: Adene Cassidy

You're inside a magic cave with tens of thousands of supermarket items...

It's a warehouse of samples... products which will be sent to you for try before you buy.

Jeremy Reid is the founder of PINCH ME... a new digital company which uses free samples and social networks to push supermarket items... everything from baked shampoo..

"So you receive an email from us at 7am in the morning as soon as the email has been received by our members they can start to order what product they like each product has a certain amount of quantities that they are giving away." Said Jeremy Reid

With 55-thousand items on our supermarket shelves....shoppers are bombarded with choice

Studies show more than half of consumers, will purchase a product after they they've been given a sample. . . . . Which is why the sampling business makes sense to consumers like housewife Michelle Tizzard.

"When I sample a product probably 9 times out of 10 i will buy it if i thought that product would suit my family." Said Michelle Tizzard

More than 2 000 000 consumers can sign up online for a free sample...

But there's a catch... In exchange for the freebie... Consumers information will go onto pinch me's data base.

Managing director of proctor and gamble Maile Carnegie, one of the companies on board, believes this is a win-win for the consumer.

"At the end of the day there are so many options for consumers so samples are a really low cost, in this case free way for consumers to try products, figure out what's right for them without actually having to buy the full size which often can be $30, 50 and in some cases 100." Said Maile Carnegie

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