Pet Co-Sleep

Man's best friend, and now bedtime companion, "we allow pets into our bedrooms really shows what animals mean to us these days."

With more and more people now allowing animals to share their beds, there are concerns about how it impacts families.

Dr Bradley Smith and his team from Adelaide's CQ University is researching pet co-sleeping. More than 60 percent of Aussie's own at least one pet and half of us let them sleep beside us.

"Alot of people are either for co sleeping or against it and it's kind of a really big division and we want to explore that a bit more."

Clare Crabtree sleeps with her pup everynight, and while it's good for pets, according to Dr Smith its owners who may suffer-- losing sleep.

It's estimated that dogs wake up on average 23 times a night- 3 wake cycles an hour.

42 percent of owners are woken up by their dog needing to go to the toilet.

20 percent of disturbed sleep is due to overcrowding in the bed.

And 19 percent is due to our noisy canine companions.

"Dogs are snoring, they're stealing the doona and they're also needing to go to the bathroom quite a bit so they wake up their owners." but despite popular belief, very few cats and dogs who sleep with their owners, pass on diseases.

So while it might be okay to let your sleeping dog lie, you could be setting yourself up for trouble down the track, "sometimes people do it because the animals demand it, so the animal wants to be on their bed and it causes lots of troubles if you put them elsewhere."

And it's not just the bedroom, where animals are muscling in. Natalie and Gary Goodal from Pet Lover's Cafe in Guildford MAYLANDS say their pets are part of the family.

They've opened a cafe where your pooch is priority.

On the menu, Gruffles instead of truffles, woofles for waffles and pupcakes. There's even barka lattes- a lactose free hot cuppa.

According to the research pets are perfectly happy outside, its owners who need to draw the line. "It's the attachment, they are highly attached to their animals and they want to keep them close to keep that bond going."

As for Clare, she couldn't care less what people think, in her home Eesa will always be top dog.

You can complete the survey here:

Pet Lover's Café