Perth's Most Unusual Homes

They're the Perth families forgoing a four by two in the suburbs for something a little different

'We are Tiny'

Simone Buzzetti and Amy Moffett are downsizing in a major way. The couple have embraced the tiny house movement, and will live in a 7m by 2.5m moveable home with their two cats and imminently due baby.

For details on how and why they're going tiny, visit their Facebook page:

'The Bunker'

Kelly Charlett transformed a world war two bomb shelter into her beautiful first home, and now the new mum is putting her masterpiece on the market:

'The Mirror Image'

Built so a separated couple could co-parent, this house has two of almost everything: two garages, two kitchen, two master bedrooms and two large living areas. But it's not a duplex - the house has a shared area at the back for the kids: