Perth Pickers

Reporter Cassie Silver

Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald are professional treasure hunters, travelling the country, picking their way through your rubbish. "In general, a picker is anyone who can collect something for less the value and on sell it to someone else for a little bit more money" they say.

They're so good at it, they've even got their own TV show, "Aussie pickers is basically about Australia - about our history, the people, the culture" they say, "and along the way finding some things that are worth some money".

It's already a cult hit in the US with followers hoping the pickers will help them find a gem

Perth Picker Daz, has been collecting for over 30 years, "it's not a little hobby anymore " he says, "when i got to 24 ,25 and saw the value of money and wanted to start getting in front and finding heaps of stuff"

Old junk, turned to gold. Daz goes on to say "back in the early 90's i managed to pick up a box of football cards and weetbix cards included and slowly been selling them off and probably made about $10,000 to $13,000 off them so far"

When it comes to picking, Darren's a kind of glass is half full guy, "the longer you hang onto them the better it is i mean I've got lots of stuff I have been hanging onto for 30 years so hopefully one day it will be a lot of money"

Nova Radio Host Nathan Morris has a picker for a parent. 59 year old train driver Brian Morris hits the markets at every Sunday at dawn digging for one-offs

Originally from the country, Brian will pick anything... except a fight. "I've had a few arguments come standing there and they knock you out of the way elbow you out the way I want this.. hey excuse me I just bought this and there's a blue in the fricken markets".

Do you have what it takes to pick your way across Perth? Our treasure hunters have these tips:

1. Do your research online

2. Don't be fooled by fakes

3. Keep an open mind

4. Be persistent

And remember if you're a late'll be slim pickings.