Perth Nits

Reporter: Cassie Silver

Just talking about them is enough to make your head itch. Mother of 4, Sherri Richardson has taken the nuisance out of nits; she's Perth's Personal Nit Picker. "You can come to me crawling with lice and we will get them all out for you"

Armed with a spray bottle and metal comb, Sherri will scour through any scalp searching for creepy crawlies. "We will comb each section through until there is nothing left not even glitter left in any of the sections- front to back, left to right back to front"

Sherri says some chemical head treatments are toxic and harmful for kids, all you really need is bit water and some patience.

Sherri will pick for hours, going from wits end to nits end.

Scherri what's the longest time you've spent going through a child's head? "I spent 8 hours over 3 days she had head lice for 6 years and mum had tried everything to get rid of them and you got rid of them yep she hasn't had a reoccurrence in over 6 months"

With hundreds of rinses on the market, Sherri is making families nit free for a fraction of the cost. "We only charge $30 which is two bottles of any of the cheapest chemicals on the market or even natural products"

Natalie Kemp has heard the horror stories, from petrol to flea treatments. "The worst I've heard is frontline and they have put that on their child's neck"

Now a chemical free solution that comes to you. It's called the Lousebuster, like a hair dryer it's a machine that dehydrates the lice and treats with heat.

For the company CEO it's a way to de-louse in your house. Natalie knows how embarrassing nits can be, privacy is key to her business.

The lousebuster has treated over 50,000 people in 22 countries worldwide.

For Natalie it's also a chance to educate mum and dad. "When we are at somebody's house while we are there which is a time consuming process the mum can go wash the bed linen. Get the school hats in the sun get the brushes in the freezer"

So here's what you need to know

First of all head lice can't jump or fly, they can live on any hair including eyebrows, and can survive away from the human head for up to 48 hours.

And the biggest nit myth is that they only love dirty hair, or that they only affect children.

They have a soft spot for adults, too. Natalie says "just pick up the phone and call us we will be there we have 4 mobile devices operating throughout Western Australia and we will be there"

Sherri says "remove the stress from mums and dads and carers who are at their wits end of trying to try every product under the counter"

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