Perth Food Trucks

Popular all over the world, food trucks are now popping up in Perth. Meals on wheels, putting a whole new spin on fast food.

Mates Ben Fossilo and Ben French were tired of working in restaurants, so they decided to hit the road with Eat No Evil - and haven't looked back. "It's the same rules and regulations that you follow for a kitchen on a premises that you do to have a kitchen on a truck so it's probably going to be cleaner and better quality food than you'll get in a lot of places around town." They admit its hard work and more expensive than they anticipated, but they reckon they're living the dream.

It's part of the City of Perth's food truck trial. Nine trucks parked at fifteen locations across Perth -including Mounts Bay Road, Wellington Square, Queens Gardens and Langley Park.

Joel Rees and his partner Danni have also jumped on board with their Brazilian food truck Comida do Sul. "It's a different cuisine that you don't see in Perth that much."

Food critic Rob Broadfield says the food truck phenomenon is fantastic for Perth. "This isn't like your meat and pie van of 30 years ago, this is real top food and most of these food truckers are really dead set about the quality of the food and the quality of produce."

City of Perth Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says the trucks are located in places where there's fewer dining options. And they've imposed strict guidelines for hygiene and cooking facilities, "meeting all of the environmental health regulations that we as a local government would expect."

As for the truckers, they're making the most of the trial, serving up their finest food so hopefully Perth can enjoy it, all year round.

More info on locations and what food trucks are out there:

And you can try-out what's on offer, as part of the city's Eat Drink Perth festival, which kicks-off tomorrow: