Perth Dash Cam

These are Perth drivers at their worst - all caught on dash cams. Small cameras that constantly record as you drive. Warren Duffy, the man who brought us the Lost Perth Website has just launched another Facebook site Perth Dash Cam Captures.

"I've certainly seen a lot of footage from all over the world but loving our home town of Perth as we all know 9.27 to see your home town on the videos to pick where the roads are is good. I lost dad in 71 a truck ran him over and his mate, lost my sister in 86 unfortunately in a car roll over so road safety up there with me."

Some of the vision has come from Truck drivers - and shows some frightenly close calls. Inspector Ian Clarke says dash cams are providing valuable evidence of bad drivers, "the film is irrefutable evidence really it's very obvious what the person has done."

The dash cams have also revealed Perth Drivers in a hurry - running the gauntlet on the emergency lane, it's the sort of driving that's prompted Adrian Di Lallo from AAAC Towing to fit their fleet with dash cams. "It's pretty daunting driving a truck down the road with cars buzzing in and out and stopping in front of you and not allowing room for you to do what you need to do, particularly when we work in emergency lanes."

Cameras are catching everyday bad driving and near misses - and its' not just city driver's caught on camera - on the open roads of our big state. There's some big misses.

They're the sort of images Warren Duffy is hoping will make people more aware of how quickly situations can change on the road he hopes just maybe it might shock people into driving a bit more safely.

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